30 april 2006

Tekserve Ad with over $60,000 in ipods

27 april 2006

my global visits

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

23 april 2006

What Apple's iPod Hi-Fi should have looked like

Japanese Designer, Isamu Sanada's own rendition of the iPod Hi-Fi. With a More Streamlined Design, Wrap-Around Speaker System with Neutral Gray Mesh (as opposed to the Stark Black Apple released), Single Central Handle, as well as Powered Hideaway iPod Docking Tray for Geeky impact, this in my opinion would have looked better on my bookshelf....

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22 april 2006

The Countdown Widget. Bush, how long 'til he's gone.

The Countdown Widget adds to your Mac OS X Dashboard the answer to the day's most pressing question: how many more days?

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18 april 2006

Free Magazines download

Don't download these fine magazines from all over the world, it's illegal!!!

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F-Shaped Pattern

People read in F Shaped patterns when browsing the web. Important information for all web developers.

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Om Malik's 10 Must-have Mac Apps

Om Malik's list of the 10 most essential freeware or shareware apps for Apple computers.

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16 april 2006

Bizarre....Surreal Video of Adidas Viral Ad....."Adicolor Pink"

Adidas viral video, but I don't care; it's high-quality stuff. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to select smaller sized videos or other formats including iPod

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Free iWeb templates

If your too tired (Or too lazy) to redesign some of the iWeb templates that came with iWeb, someone was nice enough to do it for you :)

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NY Apple 'Mecca' rumored to be open 24-7

So now you can buy an iPod at 3:00am in NYC.!

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15 april 2006

Apple: "Most Innovative Company in the World"

For the second year straight, BusinessWeek names Apple the "Most Innovative Company", #2 is Google and #3 is 3M.

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Tips for Productivity and Happiness at Work

Very Interesting read coming from an experienced software developer.

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14 april 2006

French kisses from...

See you soon... ;D

i4U iPod Pin-up model 2006

I4U Photoshoot by Photographer Glenn Francis created this time a Rock theme to put the Apple iPod nano in the right setting. Elizabeth makes music with the iPod nano and wears it with the ultra-cool TuneBuckle. To complete the rock theme the photos feature the Rolling Stones Skin for the iPod nano from CellFan.

13 april 2006

CocoaDevHouse Amsterdam

CocoaDevHouse is coming to Amsterdam this month. Kisky Netmedia specialises in WebObjects application development which is closely related to the world of Cocoa, so we are helping to organise the 'unconference' which will be held at Mediamatic in Amsterdam 21st and 22nd April.

Visit the CocoaDevHouse wiki for specifics, the Mediamatic site for inspiration, or Katie's Blog for a brief history of the 'unconference movement'.

Awesome Home Made Fake Titanic 2 Trailer

This has got to the one of the most Hilarious and most Well Done fake movie trailers ever made!

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12 april 2006

Naked iPod Mini!

Check out the innards of an ipod mini, alot cheaper than pulling apart your own!

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Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

This tiny device laser-projects a keyboard on any flat surface... you can then type away accompanied by simulated key click sounds. You'll be turning heads the moment you pull this baby from your pocket and use it to compose an e-mail on your bluetooth enabled PDA or Cell Phone.

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Apple MacBook Coming in Colors?

Appleinsider revives a rumor that Apple may reintroduce colors into the upcoming Intel iBooks (MacBooks). Reminds me of the good old days...

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The Ultimate List For Promoting Blogs

Here you will find over 100 in-depth resources and ideas for promoting your blog online. Well worth the read, you'll be up all night.

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11 april 2006

Great color picker

This is my new favorite color picker. Lots of options; Saturation, brightness, multiple color schemes, even offset degrees. This is brilliant!!

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iTunes could give you wings

"How many times have you been on a plane, rocking out on your iPod, when you realize you want to "Get Jiggy With It" You stare at horror upon your entirely Will Smith devoid iPod and sob quietly in your seat.
This may soon be a problem of the past...."

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10 april 2006

iPod Vending Machines Catching On

The vending machines, actually an automated kiosk, sell iPods and accessories and accept a credit card for payment. A phone built into the machine allows for human contact if needed. After all, it's one thing to have a vending machine stiff you for a $.75 candy bar; it's another to be out $300 should the technology have a hiccup.

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08 april 2006

The Best Earphones for your iPod!

Take a look at the unique list of earphones for your iPod.

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05 april 2006

The Simpsons Voices

Dan Castellanta, and Harry Shearer preform some of the voices from the Simpsons on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

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The Official Podcast Logo?

The German website, http://Podcastlogo.com, held a contest to see who could come up with the best logo, and the winner, Peter Marquardt with an RSS feed icon with headphones on. Who knows if it will catch on...

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04 april 2006

Device allows woman to see, even without eyes.

Robertson is blind, but this device allows her to see, not with her eyes but with her brain! Fifteen years ago, she lost both of her eyes in a car accident. Some call her the bionic woman. Others call her a medical miracle. Cheri Robertson has given herself another title:"The robo-chick." (Picture and Video)

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Craziest Computer Case Mods

Case mods or computer case modifications are the ultimate display of geek chic, creativity and hardware prowess! Many of them are pieces of art, whereas others are just plain weird. Here is a collection of the craziest of the lot.

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The ultimate iPod DJ case

The Ultimate iPod case
Originally uploaded by iDJ.
This is the most complete iPod case i know. All models in one handy flightcase.

All iPod are updated ones when they where new. The music collections on them belong to the time they where new. For example if i want to play my fav music from 2002, i'll take the original iPod. Very handy!

03 april 2006

15,000 layer Photoshop file.

Bert Monroy released his latest Photoshop painting this week after 11 months of work with an estimated 2,000 hours. The attention to detail is amazing in this 10 foot wide poster.

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The forgotten Apple Founder

The bigger story here is that the two Steves weren't alone in forming Apple. Apple suffers from a convenient case of institutional amnesia by routinely ignoring the fact that when Apple was originally founded as a partnership on April Fools' Day 1976, there were three founders: Woz, Jobs, and a fellow by the name of Ronald Gerald Wayne, 41.

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Explaining the 'Cult of Mac' [video]

'The Cult of Mac' author Leander Kahney joins CNET News.com's Amanda Termen to discuss the emergence of the infamous "Mac faithful" and the measures so-called Macheads have gone to in order to protect the name of Apple Computer.

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AppZapper 1.3, Get It For Free!

MacZOT and AppZapper have teamed up to offer the ability to earn AppZapper for free!

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02 april 2006

Nintendo and Apple Merge: Is this for Real?

Apple, the I-pod manufacturer, has confirmed that they will sign a $787 million merge contract with Nintendo Corporation. Joining the 2 companies' hardware and software together will not take full effect until 2008.

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Slideshow: 20 Greatest Moments in APPLE History - Original MAC Photos

See the very EARLIEST Computers - and read the history in this unforgetable Slideshow - HAPPY BIRTHDAY APPLE

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History of Internet set to a sweet music video...

Found a cool video on youtube that highlights the history of the internet with some cool pictures of how it all started (ARPA, etc)... Whoever did this put it to music and the song is catchy too. Interesting!

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01 april 2006

35 Sexiest Website Designs

Eye candy for everyone, 35 websites with the best designs revealed.

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Celebrating 30 Years, Apple Unveils New Logo

Apple Computer announced Saturday a new logo in celebration of its 30th birthday, a logo that captures the essence of both the company's longstanding corporate imagery, as well as the spirit of a birthday party.

April fools!

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30th Anniversary Mac: Mac miniTower

Relased on Apple's 30th Birthday, the new Mac miniTower features 2 intel dual core processors and 2 PowerPC G5 processors. The most amazing Mac ever made.

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