25 maart 2006

iPod Hi-Fi is no wannahave

Weekly we check the Apple centres to see if they have new products. And finally they did! The iPod Hi-Fi has arrived. And usually we get a strong feeling of new Apple products. A feeling that says YES! that's really 'a must have' or 'when i get the money i'll buy one for sure'. But this time we didn't have that feeling. OK, it not ugly and the sound is good, in fact it's better than others, but it isn't very stylish either. I'm sure that this is the best docking speaker for your iPod, with the extra controls that will pop-up in your menu when you place it in the dock. But still that doesn't make it a real wannahave. For now we'll stick to our iPod Universal dock with remote connected to a Harman Kardon SoundsticksII, superb sound and the price is right ;D


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