31 maart 2006

How much do you know about Apple? Take the BBC Test.

30 years after it was founded, Apple Computer has grown from a tiny start-up to a household name and cultural icon. But how much do you really know about Apple?

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Ugliest Mac mod ever.

I just can't believe this. Some idiot took a 12" powerbook, arguably one of the finest laptops ever built, and turned it into this hideous monstruosity. He has even put an analog clock into it!!

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30 maart 2006

Pandora adds features: Progress bar, expanded playlist, and 30 day hiatus

Some new features added to Pandora are a progress bar, the ability to delay a track from being played for 30 days, and the playlist from the genome project has been greatly expanded. More at http://blog.pandora.com/pandora/

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29 maart 2006

Over 700 Web 2.0 Sites Reviewed by hand

These guys reviewed over 700 web 2.0 websites and then categorized 300 of them with rewards and so on. There are also great interviews with big names such as Craig Newmark from Craig's List.

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Google has a music search

Just noticed when googling for a band that Google now has a music search feature. Link is an example search for the Beatles.

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28 maart 2006

iDJ2: iPod mixer mét pitch control!

Numark introduceerd deze week de iDJ2.
Deze nieuwe versie van de iPod mix console heeft in tegenstelling tot de eerder uitgebrachte iDJ wél pitch control. Vanaf één iPod kunnen twee tracks tegelijk in de mixer geladen worden. Het is nu eindelijk mogelijk om te pitchen, scratchen, loopen en mixen met de iPod. Via de USB poorten aan de achterzijde van het apparaat kunnen extra harde schijven worden aangesloten en kan de iDJ performance digitaal worden opgenomen op een andere aangeslotem iPod. In het LCD scherm is een grafische weegave te zien van de geladen nummers. Het apparaat ondersteunt verschillende bestandsformaten zoals ACC, MP3 en Ogg Vorbis. Prijzen en levertijd zijn vooralsnog onbekend.

iDJ2: iPod mixer with pitch control!
Numark this week will introduce the iDJ2, a new version of the company’s professional iPod mixing console. Unlike the original iDJ, the new iDJ2 features only one iPod dock, but can play two songs simultaneously from a single iPod. The mixer provides real-time scratch, pitch control, looping, and full cueing of music from the docked iPod.
Numark said iDJ2 owners can also use USB devices such as hard drives for music playback via rear panel USB ports. Other features include an LCD screen that offers waveform display and visual track-profiling, line inputs for any audio source, and the ability to record musical performances to a docked iPod or any connected USB drive. The iDJ2 supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and AAC (non-DRM) formats. Numark has not yet announced pricing or availability.

via: iLounge


Important dates in the History of Apple Computer.

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26 maart 2006

Is iLife Becoming Too .Mac Attached?

The new iLife '06 is an amazing upgrade to the iLife suite; the new features are single handily changing the way we use our Mac's to create, organize, and view media. Yet .Mac is starting to become a dependant part of iLife, especially if you want to use iLife to it's full potential, and employ use of all its features.

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Tutorial: How to Shoot Better Video for Video Podcasts

Video Podcast basics - Shooting for Vidcast - some good real-world tips and things you might not think of when you're shooting video for a podcast.

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iPod Advertisement From Space

The ad, which depicts Apple's flagship iPod product has been constructed on the site of an abandoned mineral mine in remote western Australia. It has been in development for almost two years since Apple's founder Steve Jobs aquired the location during a game of poker with (the late) Australian publishing and gaming tycoon Kerry Packer."

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World's top 15 skylines (with pics)

A link I saw on Fark but wanted to share here. The top 15 skylines in the world. great shots!

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18 New Apple Stores This year - 27 More to come (all locations included)

Also, it is speculated that the Midtown Manhattan location will be open 24/7!

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45 real Apple switch Ads!!

Found this site, it basically has all the apple switch ads.

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The iPod Juggernaut

One nice side effect of the continuing growth and success of Apple's iPod / iTunes / iTMS platform is that we're no longer subjected to moronic business and tech pundits proclaiming that Apple, despite its initial success, is 'making the same mistake with the iPod that they made with the Macintosh in the 1980s.'

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25 maart 2006

iPod Hi-Fi is no wannahave

Weekly we check the Apple centres to see if they have new products. And finally they did! The iPod Hi-Fi has arrived. And usually we get a strong feeling of new Apple products. A feeling that says YES! that's really 'a must have' or 'when i get the money i'll buy one for sure'. But this time we didn't have that feeling. OK, it not ugly and the sound is good, in fact it's better than others, but it isn't very stylish either. I'm sure that this is the best docking speaker for your iPod, with the extra controls that will pop-up in your menu when you place it in the dock. But still that doesn't make it a real wannahave. For now we'll stick to our iPod Universal dock with remote connected to a Harman Kardon SoundsticksII, superb sound and the price is right ;D

Celebs & iPod's: Kill All DJ's

Celebs & iPod's: Kill All DJ's
Op de flyer van Club Filth van 25 februari prijkt de naam Ladytron DJ's. De lancering van Vice Magazine brengt je dj's van Babyshambles, een band die ten gronde ging toen Pete Doherty wegens zijn drugs- issues de bak inging. En Madonna spint zo nu en dan in New York's hotste club; Misshapes (foto!). Maar ook Interpol's sexy 'n sleazy gitarist Carlos staat op feestjes klaar met zijn platenkoffertje. Paris Hilton won zelfs een celebrity DJ-award! In Nederland hebben we onze actreutel Egbert Jan Weber, waar in het begin natuurlijk ook hordes chickies op af kwamen.

Wat is hier aan de hand? De celebs blijken echt all round te zijn, zangeressen gaan acteren, Beyonce en Miss Lopez draaien hun tushies niet alleen maar in videoclipjes, maar kunnen dit nu ook heel d'n dag op de filmset doen. Maar wat vooral opvalt, zijn de muzikanten die plots allemaal DJ willen zijn. Bandleden van !!!, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Interpol maakten eerder de weg vrij voor Kelly Osbourne en Franz Ferdinand en nu hebben diverse celebs zelfs hun eigen avond in de hotste clubs. Maar het gaat verder dan de locale bandleden die spinnen op coole party's, programmeurs maken er nu de kunst van om de grootste iconen in hun club te laten draaien. Want wie wil er nu niet dansen en $50 dokken als Madonna de plaatjes uitkiest? Op het Chicks on Speed feestje onlangs in het Paard van Troje stonden de 2 leden van Tom Tom Club (Talking Heads) in de dj booth; uitverkocht! De hype zet zich voort, want wat een vette drukte krijg je als je als boeker Martin Gore van Depeche Mode hebt? Of New Ordes's Peter Hook? Holland doet dit keer aan de hype mee, ook de Dutchies lopen warm voor een Babyshambles DJ.

De gewone, lokale, old skool DJ's kunnen wel inpakken. Tel daarbij de komst van de iPod (en bijbehorend dj-console!) op, het gebruiksgemak van een laptop (lang leve iTunes), en dat alle muziek ook nog eens gratis te downloaden is (foei!). So: everyone can be a DJ. Arme Roog. Daar sta je dan met je tassie.

24 maart 2006

iPod phone confirmed

While analysts and Apple rumor sites have been speculating, Benq confirms that an iPhone is in the works. Their suppliers who work with Apple have been requested to supply parts for the iPhone. Benq also states that the Apple iPhone is common knowledge in Taiwan. The iPhone is expected to be released in the 4th quarter of this year.

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French kiss iPod goodbye?

Now new rumours says that Belgium will do the same thing and others will follow soon. Is this a break down for the legal online musicstore?

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Super Mario Bros 1 under 5:00 min.

This video shows how to complete Super Mario Bros 1 in under 5 mins.

Five years of Mac OSX! (today birthday)

Mac OS X is five years old. John Siracusa takes a look at the road behind as he ponders the critical role the OS has played in Apple�s revitalization. From closing the book on the original Mac to practically inventing a new platform overnight, OS X changed Apple and its users in ways that worthy of a birthday reflection.

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18 maart 2006

3000 iBooks installed in less than 3 days

Miramar High School had the largest number of iBooks in this 1 to 1 installation. We configured, installed and delivered close to 3,000 systems in less than 3 days. Not sure if it is a new record, but we're pretty confident it is.

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New cool icons for Mac

You can get some really detailed icons from your mac or pc here...

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15 maart 2006

Einstein Hated Marriage, Alcohol, Spelling. Plus, His Cat Was Depressed.

Read 10 obscure (but true) things about Albert Einstein that you almost surely didn't know.

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Microsoft made iPod Parody Video

IT SEEMS that the denizens in the lair of the Vole in Redmond have a bit of a sense of humour.

'Did you see a smile on Bills face lately?'

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Prankster company lays claim to iPod packaging shenanigan

In case you missed it, there's a hilarious spoof video making the rounds on the 'Net where it shows how Microsoft would package the iPod. It has the fancy box art and catch phrases like "Human Ear Professional Edition" on the cover. It's an instant classic, but who came up with such a clever idea in the first place?

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The Apple Effect

Apple may be the best thing that's ever happened to the tech industry, or should I say quite a number of industries. The company didn't display anything at CES 2006, but like Godot, its presence was felt and discussed endlessly.

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13 maart 2006

Two brothers create a world first instant on line website editor.

Two Australian brothers have built a web site that will allow users to edit any web site in the world instantly.

Other website editors allow users to edit segments of their website and these systems need to be installed by professionals.

editables.com is truely INSTANT

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The newest Japanese fashion craze straight from... Italy?

If you haven't already heard of tokidoki, you just might be living with a tribe in the rainforest. Tokidoki is currently one of those hottest things to skim the surface of the Japanese consciousness introduced to the American urban couture straight from Italy?

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Aankondiging: 'French kiss' iPod party

iPod party French Kiss

Op donderdag 27 april as. tijdens de MacExpo hebben we een hele bijzondere iPod party. De franse pop, rock, electro en dansmuziek zullen centraal staan in deze speciale editie.

Vanaf 20.00 uur zullen iDJ Addit en Mike E zullen ervoor zorgen dat iedereen een geweldige avond zal beleven en gaan we een hete zomer tegemoet op het freestage. Om 22.00 uur begint de iDJ contest en we nodigen een echte Franse iPod DJ uit om helemaal in de sfeer te komen. Deze zal natuurlijk aparte tunes laten horen. Denk jij dat je betere muziek kan laten horen? Verzamel dan nu alvast je favouriete tracks op je iPod of mp3-speler.

Er zijn weer fantastische prijzen te winnen zoals een iDJ mixer van Numark. Maar de hoofdprijs van de avond is een reis voor twee personen naar één van de grote muziekfestivals deze zomer in Bretagne, Frankrijk, zoals Astropolis of Les Vieilles Charrues. Kijk alvast eens op: astropolis of vieillescharrues.Een compleet overzicht van alle festivals vind je op: music-in-brittany

French Kiss Je denkt aan Frankrijk. Je hart slaat over. De zwoele taal en de zinderende zomers. Maar wist je dat je in Frankrijk en ook in Bretagne werkelijk álles kunt vinden. Top-DJ's, hippe clubs en een verfrissende duik in de zee. Een glaasje wijn, of twee, een swingend festival. Strak design van Philippe Starck en de sexy glimlach van Mona Lisa. Als daar je hart niet sneller van gaat kloppen dan zeker wel van surfen en mountainbiken. Na al deze opwinding biedt Frankrijk je gelukkig altijd haar heerlijke terrasjes en eindeloze stranden om weer helemaal op kracht te komen.Is verliefd zijn niet zalig..? www.voulez-vous.nl


  • Datum Donderdag 27 april 2006
  • Locatie MacExpo, Amsterdam RAI
  • Dresscode Trendy en zomers
  • Tickets online vv. € 12,50 / deur € 17,50
  • Check ook: idj blog

Sponsored by: CTR Bretagne / Tourisme bretagne / Het Frans Verkeersbureau / TGV / star-geejay / astropolis 2006 / Numark

Partners: Sentimento / One More Thing / Bright / MacExpo Amsterdam RAI / Estrate

10 maart 2006

Another new Video iPod 6G

Download Lenny Kravitz music for Free (VodCast, PodCast, Mp3, Videos)

Totally free music and video downloads of Lenny Kravitz, special remixes by different artists.

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08 maart 2006

Video iPod 6G (MOVIE)

This is cool!

Poster-sized isometric pixel art

Pretty amazing, really detailed isometric pixelart drawings of London, Venice, Berlin and others. Look closely for the real genius though - lots of tiny little details scattered within. They even let you download the full-size images for free if you don't want to buy a poster from them.

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Want an inexpensive computer? Buy a Mac.

PCs cost nearly twice as much as Macs, "the burdened cost of ownership per PC - just for support - ranged from $1,300 to $4,000 per year at the corporate level" Winn Schwartau (president of Interpac) says that he is already seeing migrations--departmental rather than company-wide--to Macs within large corporations.

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07 maart 2006

Every wonder how many days, hours, seconds you've been alive?

Very cool.

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Web users 'only visit 6 sites'

Web users now have almost 76 million sites to choose from, yet most only visit six on a regular basis, it was revealed today. The research, published today by Directgov, points to a new era in the use of the internet that experts are calling the 'Supersite' phenomenon. The study found that half of internet-using Britons (51 per cent) ..

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05 maart 2006

Hoe bouw je het beste papieren vliegtuig

Deze goede en uitgebreide uitleg is succes verzekerd. Gegarandeerd een paar uurtjes speelplezier voor groot en klein.

New photos of rumored upcoming video iPod appear on internet

Here are a few pictures of the supposed "iPod AV" with a widescreen 4" display and touch-sensitive features.

Continuing story!

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VERY COOL: The Simpsons Alive!

04 maart 2006

Pope gets iPod

First it was the Queen, now The Pope has received an iPod. The Catholic News Service is reporting that Pope Benedict XVI recently visited the Vatican Radio headquarters to celebrate the station's 75th anniversary, where the employees presented him with a white iPod nano with "To His Holiness, Benedict XVI" engraved on the back.

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iDJ iPod movie

How did Flickr start?....you'll be surprised

Caterina Fake knew she was onto something when one of the engineers at her Vancouver, British Columbia-based online game start-up created a cool tool to share photos and save them to a Web page while playing

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iDenon: better iPod docking station

In a statement from the company, Denon says: 'You can buy iThing music systems that cost between 300 and 400. Now Apple has launched the iPod 'Hi-fi' at 250.'

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Apple conquers living room. It might be a month before someone notices.

Apple just made the first practical production living room computer that actually bridges the PC/CE divide. How long you think it will be before the industry notices that Apple's pulled another iPod?

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Not just your average iPOD skin

These guys are the ones who made those little silicone bracelets all the rage and now they're making some pretty awesome iPod skins.

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Illegal iPod use under review

The ban of FM transmitters in the EU may come to an end soon. Finally we can start our own radio station.

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03 maart 2006

Reservoir Dogs Poster created using entire script from movie

This is pretty awesome... From the opening breakfast scene to the dramatic Mexican standoff ending you can't help but get completely sucked in by Tarantino�s masterful script and his incredible visuals. This poster combines those by using the entire script from Reservoir Dogs to make up the image.

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List of 30 free online video uploading and sharing sites

This is a list of some 30 odd free online video uploading, storage and sharing sites.

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02 maart 2006

iDJ on Flickr


iDJ's photos tagged with partyMore of iDJ's photos tagged with party

iMPAMP : The boom box that Apple should have released

This tiny vacuum tube stereo amplifier is not much bigger than the iPod, has a very cool glow effect, and can power ANY speakers that you want.

Check out the videos.


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01 maart 2006


You can install front row on ANY mac running OSX tiger 4.4. Much more efficient than previous installation methods.

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Hanson's Einstein Robot