28 februari 2006

Live coverage from special Apple event

iLounge has arrived at Apple HQ for today's special event. They're providing live coverage and photos.

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Happy Birthday Apple: send your own "Thanks!" message to Apple

"happybirthdayapple.com was launched today and is collecting messages from people who want to thank Steve (Woz and Jobs) and Apple Computers for an awesome 30 years of innovative products and thought." They are going to print the messages in a bound book and present it to Apple on April 1st.

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Steve Jobs' definitive wardrobe

If you're an Apple-Geek, you should check out Steve's wardrobe!

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The whole Wikipedia in your pocket (on ipod)

You can now store the whole wikipedia on your IPod for Windows.

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27 februari 2006

Apple Computer pays $50M for 107,000 sq. ft. data center in Newark

Ever-expanding Apple Computer Inc. has acquired an impressively equipped but never-used data center in Newark for an estimated $45 million to $50 million.

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iPod packaging re-designed by Microsoft

A very funny take on how the iPod packaging would be re-designed by Microsoft. It's also a great example for many people in the design business and what they go through on daily basis with clients.

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26 februari 2006

Making of the fake video ipod (youtube)

Video of the fake video ipod in the making on you tube for easy viewing
NICE movie

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1 billion songs purchased iTunes songs plotted on a graph

Apple recently passed the 1 billion purchased songs milestone on iTunes. Here's a graph showing the major iTunes since they started selling music in May 2003. 500 million songs purchased in the last 7 months!

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Amazon iPod Sale ends Day Before Apple Product Announcement

Nice hint about the future here. Amazon is selling a ton of iPods at a special discount, and the sale ends the 27th. That's one day before the big announcement we're hearing rumors about.


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Ten must-have OS X programs

Have you just switched to a Mac? Are you curious about which programs can be used for what purposes? Here's a list of ten programs every Mac user should have.

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Apple kan bod uitbrengen op Disney

Volgens analisten is het niet uitgesloten dat Apple spoedig een bod op Disney uitbrengt.
De Barron's op zaterdag citeert de New Yorkse analist Christopher Whalen: 'Disney is momenteel zwaar onder de prijs, Jobs heeft nu de kans om Disney uit te kopen.'

Dit zou enkele problemen tussen Pixar en Disney uit het verleden wel eens kunnen oplossen. Twee jaar geleden waren beide bedrijven het niet eens over de rechten van oa. de merchandise van kaskraker Toy Story, waarover geen goede afspraken zouden zijn gemaakt, was toen uitgesloten. Nu liggen de zaken er een stuk gustiger voor en Steve heeft nu de beste kaarten in handen, zowel in de technologie als aan de content zijde. Wellicht gaat Toy Story III spoedig in de maak.

Steve Jobs, CEO van Apple en animatie studio Pixar (oa. Toy Story, Monsters, Inc. en Finding Nemo), werd onlangs de grootste aandeelhouder van Disney.

25 februari 2006

Stock Music... Can be used for almost anything!

I use this a lot... Free Play Music offers hundreds/thousands of full-length tracks of stock music that you can use in almost anything you make on the computer! (Videos, webpages, flash movies, etc) ..... I am in no way affiliated with this site - I guarantee it.

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Ten Best Flickr Mashups

A mashup, for the unfamiliar, is a hybrid web application that uses data from an outside source to drive a web service. Mashups can be created using data culled from RSS feeds, public databases, or any open data source.

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24 februari 2006

iPod "Hi-Fi" Boombox arriving next week?

Among the products Apple will debut at next Tuesday's media event will be the iPod "Hi-Fi" boombox, reliable sources have informed Think Secret. Details are scarce but sources have indicated the product will deliver unique capabilities beyond what today's third-party docking speaker systems offer...

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The 2006 Best of Web 2.0

Designtechnica has published their list of favorite Web 2.0 sites out there and categorizes them. Topping the list includes Digg.com, Flickr.com, Vimeo, and several others. Congratulations to these site.

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Happy B-day Steve Jobs!

As most mac geeks know, Feb. 24th is Steve Jobs' b-day.
So what do you get the guy that OWNS the company that has the coolest birthday gifts??? An iTunes gift card?
I would like to be the first to just say a heart felt "thank you!" and Happy Birthday!

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23 februari 2006

GoogleVideoDownload.com Takes the Streaming out of Google Video

GoogleVideoDownload.com allows you to copy the URL of a Google Video into its interface and then provides you with options for viewing the video and/or downloading it in a variety of formats (.flv, .avi, .mp4). Voila all that amazing content is yours!

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Congratulations to Alex Ostrovsky for receiving 1 billionth download

Yes, I know there are a few of these around although none of these hold the winners name So Congratulations!

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Apple to 'launch full movie downloads' next week

Apple will next week announce that it's going to start selling full-length movie downloads through the iTunes Music Store, if the forecast of a US market watcher is correct. The prediction comes in the week the company passed the 1bn music downloads mark.

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22 februari 2006

Awesome flash animation

At this site the push flash animation to the max. They got an Audience Award at Sundance Online Film Festival on 2004.

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iPod autograph, new trend?

"Will You Please Autograph My iPod?"

This weekend, I attended a concert by Burt Bacharach, who's going strong at 77...and whose music means a lot to me. It was wonderful--and when it was over, he graciously hung around to chat with fans and sign copies of his new CD, which was for sale at the show.

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MacBook Pro Black

A new Apple's machine appears in the horizon.
One of the most beatiful notebooks in the world dressup of a brilliant black color.
See the video

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MacShrine.com reports iPod boombox at Apple special event?

MacShrine.com has news on what appears to be the iPod boombox that was shelved for release at Macworld. It is now meant to be released at the Apple special event on 28th February, along with other "cool" products left out in January.

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21 februari 2006

iPod's first REAL competition!

The Viliv P1 has a 30 GB hard drive, so it’s in direct competition with the iPod video. However, the P1 has a bigger screen than the iPod, at a whopping 4 inches! The 16:9 ratio widescreen has a resolution of 480X272 pixels, which isn’t too shabby. Plays audio, video, built in FM tuner, and voice recorder.

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Apple to hold special event on Feb. 28

Apple has sent out an invitation to select media, including iLounge, to a special event that will be held at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California on February 28th. The invitation, which only features an iCal-like calendar image, reads: �Come see some fun new products from Apple.�

iDJ: 'Why don't we get an invitation?'

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How To Create Social Bookmarklets For Your Blog

A tutorial on how to create bookmarklet buttons for your blog that input the name of the post, tags, and subject automatically into several social bookmarking sites. Code included.

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Windows Media Player 11- Looks like itunes?

Does the new WMP looks similar to itunes?

It's a rip-off!

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20 februari 2006

Visualization of iTunes Sales as We Head Towards the Billion

A visualization of sales in iTunes, based on the data Apple publishes for the counters on their web pages. Very interesting daily patterns, and you can see people "hunt" for the 100,000th songs. This is going to get very interesting as we head towards the billion tomorrow!

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Mac Browser Benchmarking: Which Web Browser Is Your Best Bet?

Recently I tested four browsers, Flock, Firefox, Safari, and Camino all against one another in a multitude of areas to see how they stacked up against each other and here are my results. It's very interesting and may get you to change your mind about the browser that you're currently using.

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15 februari 2006

Full Screen iPod images unveiled!

Not by Apple apparently, but in this random blogspot...
Shows how the display will work for listening to music and for widescreen video.

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The History Of 404 Page Not Found

When we visit certain webpage that is misspelled, incomplete or non existent a 404 error is dished out. While You know the meaning of that screen but do you know why the number 404 was chosen? Why not some other number like 303? or 505?�

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14 februari 2006

What if Microsoft Never Existed

Interesting series at AppleMatters discusses what the technology landscape would look like if Microsoft never existed.

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13 februari 2006

Apple may Announce Surprises on April 1st (Apple's 30th Anniversary)

Apple may be planning a birthday bash in the form of exciting new products, according to a new analyst report. Charles Wolf of Needham & Co. says that Apple could use April 1--Apple's 30th birthday--as an opportunity to introduce an Intel-based iBook as well as the "real" video iPod

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12 februari 2006

Apple to release iTunes Videos at TRIPLE the current Resolution?

Lets imagine for a moment that the next �video� iPod does indeed have a screen 3x larger than the current model. That would be a 960 x 540 screen, assuming Apple would be adopting a 16�9 horizontal form factor..

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Lexus says "Sorry" by giving out iPod nanos

�I bought my IS250AWD last month. Because of a recall, my pick up date was postponed one week...I just got home and received a letter from Lexus with a 2GB iPod Nano and XtremeMac Aux. cable - all in appreciation of my time and understanding as well as for being a valued member of the Lexus family. How cool is that??? Wow��

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Thinking about registering a domain? Don't check if it's available!

NetworkSolutions, and other domain registrars are actively checking their whois search log and registering any good domains they find.

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05 februari 2006

Producers kunnen scoren met iTunes

5 februari 2006 10:53

AMSTERDAM - Muzikanten zonder platenmaatschappij kunnen vanaf heden hun muziek via de iTunes en Rhapsody verkopen. De dienst TuneCore heeft deals gesloten met deze downloadplatforms, zodat muzikanten voor een bescheiden prijsje hun muziek online te koop kunnen aanbieden. Dat schrijft Planet Multimedia zondag.

Tunecore werkt met vaste bedragen en eist geen royalties en rechten op. Daardoor krijgt de artiest zonder platencontract meer uitbetaald over elke iTunes verkoop dan een artiest mét platencontract.

Apple en Rhapsody krijgen een percentage van ieder verkocht liedje. TuneCore wil geen cent van de verkoop hebben.

Hoeveel geld een artiest per liedje krijgt, mag TuneCore overeenkomsten niet openbaar maken.